Micro Gothic
A gothic streetscape created inside a terrarium. The work was exploring ideas of escapism and the dark gothic aesthetic. I find that often the darker more mysterious settings such as the Gothic or post apocalyptic are often the most effective in distracting myself from real life, and I get lost in the tiny details and stories that could play out in these spaces. Made largely from various recycled materials (like cereal boxes and foam packaging)
The Bard Project
This project was all based around the positive effects of Storytelling, it focused on storytelling as therapy, learning, and a means of creative expression, and as a way of creating positive social change. It was a series of objects exploring storytelling and recording, and finally a pavilion as a place to tell stories.
Still Life
This was a series of photos exploring the technique of still life. I was particularly inspired by the work of Nicholas Alan-Cope and his still life photographs.
Cardboard Dystopia
This project was an artwork for an elective at uni, where we were required to research on aspect of sci fi film making, i chose cinematography. I used scarp cardboad and cotton balls to create a city and made it look larger and more complex than it is though lighing and framing the photos in an interesting way.
This was an artwork for a student exhibition exploring the theme of Proximity.
Steam punk Belljars
These were a series of themed bell jars made for a fund-raising dinner, based around steampunk style. They were used as table decorations and sold in a silent auction. 13 of the 15 artworks sold.
Growth of Imagination
This was a large artwork I completed for my HSC majorwork, inspired by the detailed miniatures used on films, and was based around the idea of the nurture and growth of imagination- a series of scenes that inspire the mind to create stories and return the viewer to the childish wonder that stories created, above grew a tree symbolising the growth of imagination from childhood.
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