Patisserie Photography and Styling
Sweet patisserie creations, all food made, styled photographed and edited by me. I love food and the great intersection of many of my passions involved in making, styling, photographing (and eating) beautiful things.
Photos from my recent trip to Japan, where I visited Tokyo, Osaka, Naoshima and Kyoto.
Series of food, made by me, styled by me and photographed by me.
Medieval Faire
Photos taken at the third annual St Ives Medieval Faire, where reenactment societies from around NSW gather in one place to recreate the medieval world. It included a Jousting Tournament with International competitors
Series of Photos of the Amazing Landscape of Tasmania
Melbourne on Film
A series of black and white 35mm photos taken in Melbourne
Colour Film Photography
These are some of my shots using colour film over the last few years. I've been experimenting with always having a strong focus on the colours in shot, and also using expired film to test its effect on colour.
Still Life
This was a series of photos exploring the technique of still life. I was particularly inspired by the work of Nicholas Alan-Cope and his still life photographs.
Cardboard Dystopia
This project was an artwork for an elective at uni, where we were required to research on aspect of sci fi film making, i chose cinematography. I used scarp cardboad and cotton balls to create a city and made it look larger and more complex than it is though lighing and framing the photos in an interesting way.
Black and white film
A few black and white film photos I have taken
Ink Photo Series
These were a series of photos that started as procrastination, but in the end I used them as inspiration as a design for bridges at uni.
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