My poster for the work. It contains sketches of each of the seven set designs I created for the work.
This immersive theatrical work will re-activate  Cockatoo Island in the minds of the attendees and create a work that engages with the Island’s past, as well as building its own mythology over the complex history already present. The play- Shakespeare’s The Tempest, has many thematic connections to the Island, and the intertwining narratives make it perfect for this style of performance. The action takes place across the Island as if it were really happening, the audience following the characters that most interest them. Their journey will start on the mainland in the Wharf Theatre, where they will be transported through the proscenium into the fictional world, and sail to the Island with the characters. During the day people would be free to wander through the environments. 
Prospero's Cell
The Wedding Masque
The Milanese Court
The following are a series of objects I created for the proposed show.
Prospero's Magic Staff
Miranda and Ferdinand's Wedding Rings.
Model of Prospero's Magic Circle set.
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